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  • Pound up after sterling May speech

    23 January 2017

    It was an exciting and action-packed last week for investors and traders alike, not only here in the UK but also across the pond.

  • Attention turns to the Bank of England today

    03 November 2016

    Yesterday was a relatively quiet day in the way of data, the morning posted a positive October figure of 53.5 for EUR Markit Manufacturing PMI...

  • Euro rates through 2015

    02 December 2015

    The year of 2015 has been extremely volatile for the sterling - euro currency pair exchange rates. At the start of the year, in January, one Pound was worth just over 1.27 Euros - 14 cents lower than now as we head into the last month of the year.

China Money Transfers

Send money to China

Whether you need to transfer money to China for business purposes - perhaps you're having a product manufactured in China, for example - or for personal reasons such as providing funds to a family member who lives in China or yourself if you're planning to emigrate, you'll want to get the funds moved over quickly and at the best rate.


Of course, the process of transferring money can seem like a daunting prospect, even for those who have gone through the steps previously. And that's why it's generally recommended to get assistance from a qualified expert who understands the various options that are available, and who can help you ensure your funds get moved over in a fast, safe and affordable manner.


That's why International Payments can be useful. With our assistance, you can easily find a broker who is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and who will work with you to undertake the transaction. All you have to do is fill out the form at the top of the page, and a specialist will get in touch to provide up-to-date exchange rates and help you get started.


Transferring dollars to renminbi

China's official currency is the renminbi - which means 'people's currency' and is abbreviated as RMB. It is considered legal tender across the mainland and is issued by the People's Bank of China, but is not used in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau.


The primary unit of Chinese currency is the yuan, which is equal to ten jiao and 100 fen. For many years, the renminbi was pegged to the US dollar, but the peg was removed in 2005. It was reinstated in 2008, but these days the exchange rate is more flexible and those wishing to transfer money to China will need to ensure they know what the current rate is in order to be certain the right amount is sent.


A number of options are available for sending money to China, and while your bank can probably carry out the transaction for you, the funds could take up to two weeks to reach China and it will probably be more expensive than if you opt to use the services of a regulated currency broker.


These experts can help you to save money and time, whether you need to transfer dollars, pounds, euros or other currencies to renminbi, and should be able to help you save money through the transfer and make sure the transaction goes smoothly and is completed within one or two days.


Transfers made easy with help from International Payments

Here at International Payments, we take the hassle out of transferring money to locations across Australasia, as well as other destinations around the world - whether it's a one-off payment, or something you'll need to do on a regular basis. In fact, we can even provide set exchange rates for up to two years.


To find out more about how to send money to China, or to get started with a transfer, simply fill out the form at the top of the page. An FSA-authorised specialist will get in touch, providing you with information about currency conversion rates and a quote, as well as other details of the transaction. Plus, they can help you get started with the process, so you can get the funds moved as quickly as possible.