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  • Pound up after sterling May speech

    23 January 2017

    It was an exciting and action-packed last week for investors and traders alike, not only here in the UK but also across the pond.

  • Attention turns to the Bank of England today

    03 November 2016

    Yesterday was a relatively quiet day in the way of data, the morning posted a positive October figure of 53.5 for EUR Markit Manufacturing PMI...

  • Euro rates through 2015

    02 December 2015

    The year of 2015 has been extremely volatile for the sterling - euro currency pair exchange rates. At the start of the year, in January, one Pound was worth just over 1.27 Euros - 14 cents lower than now as we head into the last month of the year.


Euro Exchange Rates

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Latest Euro Rates

Please see our latest exchange rates page for the most up-to-date mid-market rate.


Recent Trading Range

In 2011, the Euro traded between 1.0973 and 1.2142 against the Pound.


Euro Exchange Rate News

Please see our news section for the latest currency news affecting worldwide exchange rates. You can also visit our dedicated section on money transfers to Eurozone countries, including timescales and information needed to make your transfer. Another useful resource is the Pound Euro Exchange blog.


Euro Overview

The Euro is the official currency of 17 of the 27 member states of the EU. It is also commonly accepted when sending international payments to many non-Euro countries within the EU, as well as some other countries in the world such as Cape Verde.


Recently of course the Greek sovereign debt crisis has rocked the very foundation of the Eurozone's economic union. Following the second bailout of Greece however, monetary union remains very much part of the European project for the foreseeable future.


The Euro was introduced as a traded entity on January 1st 1999 and in coin and banknote forms on January 1st 2002.


Equivalent Euro Exchange Rates

The following table shows the fixed rates at which the Euro has replaced the individual members' currencies, and the date that they were fixed. Prices in some Eurozone countries are still quoted in the old local currency as well as the Euro equivalent, but of course by now all cross-border transactions are quoted in Euros alone.

Austria Austrian schilling ATS 13.7603 31/12/98
Belgium Belgian franc BEF 40.3399 31/12/98
Netherlands Dutch guilder NLG 2.20371 31/12/98
Finland Finnish markka FIM 5.94573 31/12/98
France French franc FRF 6.55957 31/12/98
Germany German Mark DEM 1.95583 31/12/98
Republic of Ireland Irish pound IEP 0.787564 31/12/98
Italy Italian lira ITL 1,936.27 31/12/98
Luxembourg Luxembourgish franc LUF 40.3399 31/12/98
Monaco Monegasque franc MCF 6.55957 31/12/98
Portugal Portuguese escudo PTE 200.482 31/12/98
San Marino Sammarinese lira SML 1,936.27 31/12/98
Spain Spanish peseta ESP 166.386 31/12/98
Vatican City Vatican lira VAL 1,936.27 31/12/98
Greece Greek drachma GRD 340.75 19/06/00
Slovenia Slovenian tolar SIT 239.64 11/07/06
Cyprus Cypriot pound CYP 0.585274 10/07/07
Malta Maltese lira MTL 0.4293 10/07/07  
Slovakia Slovak koruna SKK 30.126 08/07/08  
Estonia Estonian kroon EEK 15.6466 13/07/10